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Halloween Activities For High School Students

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Halloween is well-known as Allhalloween. Halloween is a grand celebration observed in different countries on 31 October. It celebrated in the remembering of the dead including, faithful person, saints and martyrs. `A jack-o-lantern is the symbol of All Saints ‘Eve. Most people believe that Halloween has originated on the day of the Christian holiday. Let’s discuss Halloween activities that people do in the festival.


Halloween costume parties

Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns

Lighting bonfires

Playing pranks 

Visiting haunted attractions

Scary stories

Pagan roots 

Harvest festivals 

Lighting bonfires

Apple bobbing


However, teachers can celebrate Halloween day at their school in different ways. I have searched for the most useful and beneficial activities that you can try for high school activities. Delight your students with these spook-tacular crafts and activities in the classroom, students will enjoy these activities and will consider it wild fun but they don’t realize that they are not enjoying even they are learning. If you want to know more information about traditional activities, you can contact with the experts of essay writing service.

1. Make Ghost Bombs 

Making bomb ghost is the most interesting game, you need to collect the hollowed-egg and draw eyes and mouth on eggs. After making ghost bombs, make sure you rinse them with antiseptic soap. Although, making little ghost bombs requires spooky science but you need to teach your children how to create the dreadful picture on the eggs. We are hopeful that students will enjoy this astounding and motivating activity.

2. Spooky Stories 

As we know that students feel interest in listening stories. At the Halloween festival, you should tell horror stories to your students. Give the task to the students to write a scary story. After completing the story, evaluate the prompts and effectiveness of their writing style. This is the most beneficial activity, because, students will improve their writing skills. Indeed, you can give them a task to write the historical scary story.

3. Create A Character Sketch 

Sketching a character and image of the ghost is another good activity for high school students. A teacher should play this game with their students; indeed, the teacher should give instruction to develop a horror character. If student can write a scary story and can read a scary story, you should ask them to create a horror character sketch. Give the complete detail about design of a Halloween costume. After completing this picture, you should hang it on the classroom.

4. Play Truth or Dare

Halloween festival is most appropriate for playing truth and dare. Although, Truth and Dare is an educational game, yet, students should ask question about academic life. No needs to ask a personal question form the students. In the game of Truth and Dare, you should ask vocabulary, grammar and figurative language question. Yes, of course, you can make this game educational. By playing this game, you will increase the memory level of the students.

5. Review The Deadly Sins 

Talking about the dead person will give information to the students about their past person. By playing this game, a student will know about their past. Teachers should make a grammar lesson and ask students to recognize correct personality. Give reward to the students who give correct answer. This is most useful and interesting game and we are hopeful that students will enjoy it a lot.

6. Do Some Halloween Writing

Teachers should give the task to the student to write Halloween writing. Students should take some papers and make a dreadful picture of them. If students don’t know Halloween writing, teachers should help their students. Playing with witch pitch is another interesting activity that students should do in their classroom. Collect little bowls and make a witch pitch.

7. Create Dotted Pumpkin

Art is basic and most interesting fun to play in free time. Teachers should teach their student to do art. Creating pumpkin with dots in order to give them an amazing loop, Instead of that, students can write pumpkin patch stories.

Writing on the pumpkin will give an amazing look and students will wonder by this magical fun. Halloween festival is not a waste of time; indeed, it is good time to do productive things. Student can learn different method by reading stories.

8. Make Geometrics Bats

As we know that student feels the interest to make different things that are related to their study. Making Halloween geometric bats is full of fun. Teachers should provide all materials in the process of making geometric bats. Students can learn how to make shapes by playing games.


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