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Checklist to Know If Dissertation is Ready for Submission

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Dissertation Submission
Writing up your dissertation is a massive job, and you need to take some time to think about administrative issues as well as the content of your dissertation. If you're finishing up your master's, take a look at this checklist and make sure you are ready with everything you need to submit your dissertation. Years of work have culminated in this one piece of work, and you are prepared to submit it to your university office. You are almost certainly stressed, exhausted, and very glad to be done. But there are a few quick points shared by dissertation writing services UK you need to check before you formally submit your dissertation, so take a look at this checklist and make sure everything is in order.

Checklist To Know If Dissertation Is Ready For Submission:

Check Your Word Count:

It's important that your thesis stays within the word limit allowed by your university. Most departments are very strict about this, and you can lose marks or even have your thesis rejected if it's too long. So check the allowed word count in your departmental handbook or on your university's website. Generally, you are allowed to be within 100% of the stated word count – so if the count is 3000 words, you can submit between 2700 and 3300 words for your thesis. This differs between universities though, so check this too! If your thesis is too long, be brutal in cutting out any irrelevant information to make it as tight as possible.

Check Your References Carefully:

You should be adding references to your thesis as you write it. But you need to try and do a check of all your references at the tip too. First, identify every statement in your thesis which requires a reference. Then, make sure your references are in place within the text and in the right format. Generally, in-text references are presented in the format: “factual statement (author, year)”. Next, make sure that every reference in your text that everyone seems in the reference list at the end of your thesis. This is where your full reference info goes, and you need to make sure that this is in the correct format for your university too. Finally, check that there are no references in your reference list which don't appear in your text.

Do Your Formatting:

Formatting a dissertation is always a bother, so leave yourself some time to adjust the fonts, margins, and line spacing to your liking. Don't forget to add page numbers to the top or bottom of the page for easier reading. You'll also need a table of contents, which lists your section headings and which page they can be found on. If you are using word, you can generate this automatically.

Put Together Your Title Page:

You will need a title page for your dissertation, which generally includes the title, the university and department, and the date. Often, the dissertation should not have your name on them, as they may be marked blind. In this case, you should have a candidate number or reference number which goes on your page instead of your name. Double check in your departmental handbook if you are unsure.

Print & Bind Or Submit Electronically:

Often, for a dissertation, you'll print it yourself on regular printer paper, and then bind it using a comb binder and a binding machine. The admin office at your university may well have these supplies which you'll use, or they will direct you to where you'll find them. This may be much cheaper than having the dissertation printed at a print shop! Alternatively, at some universities, you'll submit your dissertation electronically. You will need to convert your thesis to a PDF and then email it or submit it through the online form provided by your university.

Get A Receipt:

Whether you submit a paper copy of your dissertation to your university office, or you submit it electronically through an online form, it is a good plan to get a receipt or acknowledgement of your submission. That way, in case there are any problems with your submission or your dissertation is lost, you'll prove that you handed it in on time. A signed note from the university office should be just fine.


Now your thesis is handed in, along with all the paperwork, you're free to celebrate. Congratulations, you've finished your dissertation. Now go out and celebrate your big achievement.