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5 Hardest College Classes in University Life

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Hardest College Classes
Every student tries to choose the easiest subjects in their college for easy learning and avoiding difficult assignments and low grades. No matter how much you struggle to choose easy courses only, there will be always some courses that are difficult and compulsory to opt for, and you have to do late night studies for them. Here is a list of courses shared by experts of PhD dissertation writing services;


Many people like and find it interesting to study philosophy, but these individuals are very few. On an honest basis, philosophy is generally regarded as one of the difficult subjects. There are very abstract topics in philosophy. While some topics are genuinely pragmatic issues – kinship, love, equity – but when study in detail, we found a portion of the more complex ideas that are uncertain to the amateur like analyticity, potential universes, and possibility.

Secondly, it is difficult to study and understand because it deals with the theories and some topics are such complicated that no experiment can be conducted for them. But these topics are necessary for learning and understanding. Thirdly, many individuals find it difficult because they do not have a true understanding of what philosophy is. For studying philosophy an individual needs to a critical thinker and analyzer. Fourthly, giving the interpretations of philosophies and theories in the present context that are presented by the scholars many years ago, is difficult.


Learning and memorizing the periodic table, chemical reactions, chemical equations, and elements name, symbols, their atomic number, and atomic masses is what we all have hated in school as well. Chemistry and its sub-branches of study are quite difficult. Not only it is most risky to pass the coursework of chemistry but its assignments are the length and difficult too. For more than half of the students, organic chemistry is a monster. After trying hard to understand how particles respond and how to join basic sub-atomic structure blocks into more convoluted medications and mixtures, they still end up memorizing the structures. This makes organic chemistry hard and bore to many students.


Whether it is your mother tongue or any new language, it is difficult to understand the history, origin, and structure. Many students think that they are speaking their mother tongue from childhood and they speak it very fluently with a huge vocabulary. But when it comes to studying that language, it seems that what they all know or speak is only ten percent of it. When they study linguistics they find out that it can be shockingly insightful and logical. There are numerous subcategories inside this bigger field, including the investigation of discourse sounds, word structure, language sound frameworks, language meaning, and the plan of words. Students will consider questions, for example, What characterizes various accents? How would we understand what certain words mean? And how might we program a PC to dissect sentence structure? You ought to likewise be set up to learn and apply the International Phonetic Alphabet.


Physics is considered a very abstract subject because it needs you to have perfect mathematical skills. Physics involves both long theories and numerical. Students with poor mathematics skills or no mathematics background find it very difficult to learn and understand physics. Difficult mathematics fields like calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and differential equations are first needed to learn perfectly for understanding basic and major physics concepts and theories. Besides numerical and theories experiments are also part of physics. Students also hate to learn long theories and formulas. Quantum physics is the subfield of physics, which is considered the most difficult field of study. The rules and theories within quantum physics are difficult to understand because of their changing states in different circumstances.


Anatomy is the study of the body structures of humans, animals, and other organisms. There are multiple reasons for categorizing anatomy as a difficult subject. First, the students, need to have proper and enough background knowledge before opting for anatomy as their major. Secondly, human body and other organism bodies and structure are very complex which make it difficult to understand their structure and functionality very precisely. Thirdly, in this subject students need to memorize a lot of concepts. Fourthly, the scientific terms used in anatomy are very different and difficult. Students have to know lots of anatomical languages and comprehend the intricate elements of various pieces of the human body.