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10 YouTube Channels That Are Helpful In Kids Education

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YouTube is an extremely famous social media tool that gives information about every field of life. Approximately, 88% of people utilize YouTube for the dissimilar task. It is the best foundation for entertainment all around the world. However, 78 billion people have made their educational channel on YouTube. Here, the professional writers of essay writing services will give you information about 10 YouTube channels that are helpful in kids’ education. Actually, the large quantity of YouTube channel is not good for your children; you just give them permission to use some particular channels.

1. Smithsonian Channel: It is extremely constructive YouTube channel in kids’ education. Actually, this channel provides historical information to the children. If you want to give history information to your children, then you should subscribe to this channel. Your child can learn different historical events form this channel such as the First World War and Second World War.

2. The Brain Scoop Channel: This amazing channel is organized by Museum Filed. It engages your children attention with informative videos. This is a very famous and useful channel for children. A child can learn human mind process on this channel.

3. Houston Zoo Channel: If your child wants to watch animals, then Houston zoo is the best to channel. This YouTube channel gives your children access to know about different animals. A child can draw pictures of animals with the help of the Houston zoo channel.

4. Word World PBS: PBS is a well-known channel in all around the world. It is a very useful channel for children education. The content of PBS is very easy; therefore, your children can develop his or her writing skills. This channel present animated writing skills that a child can learn very easily.

5. Sesame Street: This channel is organized by Sesame Company for the children. It is my favourite channel. The videos on this channel are very interesting. A child can learn new things from this channel.

6. TED-Ed Channel: TED-Ed is also a very famous and useful channel in child education. It creates educational videos for your children. With the help of this channel, a child can learn how to face a difficult task in life very easily.

7. Smart Girl Channel: The features and videos of this channel are very outstanding. It gives useful tips to the children in order to solve their math problems. It is a very inspiring channel for the children. A child can learn mathematics from the help of this channel.

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8. Soul Pancake: This channel provides information about brain and art. The videos of this channel are exceedingly informative. A child can learn about the culture and art form this video.

9. Scission Channel: This channel can increase the ability of your learning. Does it give information about different birds and things? This is a very educational channel for all children.

10. It’s Okay To Be Smart: The name of this channel is an extremely interesting same the videos of this channel are wonderful. The videos of this channel make your child energetic. It creates positive thinking in the mind of children.

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